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Glenlonan, Oban, PA34 4QE.
Highland ponies

Highland Ponies. We have owned and bred these fantastic ponies since 2003. We currently have one mare, May dew of Armoury, born 2001. Our stallion is Glenbanchor Heiskier. We have 2 geldings, both bred here - Camerones Tom na Croise (Chris), born 2008, bred from May Dew, and sired by Kestrel of Fourmerk, and Camerones Clanamacrie, born 2009, who's dam is also Maydew, and sired by Lineker of Whitefield.
We had 2 foals born in 2013 - the colt Camerones Bragail Heiskier who's dam is Maydew, and sire is Heiskier born 4th May 2013, and a filly Camerones Caileag Heiskier, born 9th June 2013 to Azalea and Heiskier.

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