Australian Kelpies
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Glenlonan, Oban, PA34 4QE.
Australian Kelpies

In 2001 we got our first Kelpie pup - Cories Mitch, (Ozzie). We were amazed with the stamina and power which Oz had in his younger days, and he has proved to be invaluable over the years. Oz has now been retired, but would still love to be out working every day.

In 2003 we bought Whiteadder Ruadh, our first kelpie bitch. Ruadh started working at 3 months old, preferring fank work, and was always very dedicated and focused on her work.
in 2007, Ruadh and Oz had their first litter of pups, 2 dogs and 6 bitches, which all went to good working and agility homes, apart from 1 bitch that our daughter kept, Camerons Lonan Kyla.
In 2009, Ruadh had another litter, this time 1 bitch and 4 dogs; again these pups went to agility and working homes.
In 2010 we purchased an young Kelpie dog from Devon, Devonairs Taz. Taz was mated with Kyla, and they produced 2 bitches and 4 dogs in April 2011. 1 dog was retained by us, Rebel, who has been trained for sheep by our daughter, and has grown to be a skilled and useful dog, good with bulk, in fields, and when gathering hills.
In 2012, Kyla and Taz had another litter, this time 2 dogs and 4 bitches. 3 of the bitches, and the 2 dogs went to working homes, and 1 bitch went to a very good agility home.
In 2014, Kyla and Taz had another litter of red and tan pups, all of the litter went to good working homes.
In 2016 we added another red and tan bitch to the gang - Muirhead Roo, bred by Iain Muirhead, first litter out of Lyndhurst (UK) Kai, and Bentalla (UK) Kelly II.
Roo is in training, and is very keen on her work.


Rebel bringing hoggs in for dosing       

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